Relationship Learning Seminars was created in June 2018 in Boise, ID.

Every human lives in relationship to each other. It is the primary foundation of life, yet there hasn’t been formal instruction on how to relate or even what constitutes a relationship being taught in our schools, colleges or universities. We all learn relationship as we live through our daily lives. We learn through our problems or situations that seem to reoccur regardless of what we do, how we feel and what we say.

In short, relationship is a mystery. I have found that the mystery of relating is not so great, yet it can be learned. It is my commitment for the later portion of my life to share and teach the simple techniques that helped me and many others. These techniques help people develop meaningful and empowering relationships in their personal life and also in other areas of life, such as work, community, etc.

After many years of trying and failing in relationships, reading books, attending seminars and specialized workshops, it occurred to me that the key to relationship is very simple. Relationship is simply a mutual coordination of action. The foundations of a mutual coordination of action is the experience of trust, dignity, respect, communication, commitment and consciousness. When I learned these distinctions as action in my life, I was able to repair and even invent new relationships that were mutually supportive.

Learning and applying these basic tenants of relationship allowed me to create strong, empowering and meaningful relationships for myself. As I shared these with other individuals and participants in past seminars, I have received many reports on how applying these basic principles to their own lives has enhanced their intimacy at home, harmony at work, parent child relations, communication, as well as feeling a greater sense of living in a community. Being more at ease with people and able to set goals and boundaries, feeling a greater sense of commitment and love of others are common reports of seminar participants. This is our offer to to you.