I recently received a message from a friend and co-inventor of life. The message has rung in my ears for days now and it is the ultimate expression of how we Invent, Design and Create our lives and our many relationships.  The message is:

“I AM are two of the most Powerful words you speak.  What you put after them shapes your REALITY.”

I AM is our statement of beingness.

It is an immediate declaration of how we bring forth our being both in the now and in the future.  “I am” is Ontological, which means the study of the nature of Being in the world.  Every time we speak, we are announcing and expressing our consciousness as “Who we are” and this is most demonstrated in this simple phrase “I AM —————–”, you fill in the blank.

“I AM” is first a declaration of yourself as being a legitimate and valid speaker.

Legitimacy is what every person is searching for.  It is taking the stand for your self as a person.  It requires no evidence or proof other than the statement. Knowing and making this statement of being is the first step in establishing your own SELF DIGNITY AND RESPECT, one of the prime conditions for creating and living in empowering and meaningful relationships.

“I AM” is also a two-edged sword.

By announcing your condition of being, (eg. I am sad, I am joyous, I am etc) you are also announcing your own responsibility for making your declaration. Responsibility begins with your willingness to accept yourself as cause of your own experience and state of being. Without accepting personal responsibility, you cease to be the intentional and conscious creator of your life and become the victim of what others say, do and act.  The only true I AM statement you can make without accepting personal responsibility is “I AM NOT” which is the attempt to avoid blame and sets you on the path to hopelessness and helplessness.

I admit this may sound harsh, but nevertheless like gravity, it is true.

Accepting gravity keeps you from the peril of jumping off a cliff ‘trying’ to fly. Accepting the creative declaration of “I AM _____________” and the personal responsibility that goes with it sets you free to begin to set your own course in life – The Hero’s Journey.

I invite you to give it a try.

Tomorrow when you wake up, declare  out loud to yourself how you are going to be that day.  Example – I am confident, effective, happy, courteous, respectful of others, etc. pick your own experience to declare.  When you have done this set your alarm on your phone to ring every 5 minutes for one hour. When the alarm rings stop and consciously and with meaning repeat your statement of being for the day out loud. After the first hour set your alarm to one-hour intervals for the rest of the day and repeat your declaration out loud. Speaking it out loud is far different from saying it silently in your head. If you get tested during the day, repeat the statement.  If people ask you what you’re doing, tell them you are creating your mood and emotion for the day and invite them to join you.  They may think you are crazy but so what, YOU are the “I AM” that creates your own experience, not them.  At the end of the day check yourself and see if you stuck to your I AM statement and when you didn’t.

This exercise is far more than the power of positive thinking.  It is the power of creative vocalizing and announcing yourself as a legitimate speaker creating your day regardless of what others say, think or do.

While you are doing this remember that everyone else around you is also a Legitimate being on the planet.  They are also creating their world experience and most of them will not be conscious of the event. You can join them or take the other path.  It is your decision.

Declaration and Legitimacy are but two relationship principles you will learn in my course Relationship Mastery Seminar.  Visit my website www.relationshiplearningseminars.comto learn more.

YOU have the Power to Create the Life You Want. Be Well!