Personal Responsibility begins with my willingness to acknowledge that I am the observer and experiencer of whatever “IS” in my life. I am the cause of my experience and response to circumstances or situations that daily appear to me. Who I am is the source and cause of my life experience. Whatever the situation and in every moment, I am source and cause of how I interpret my personal physical and emotional experience and response. I am the sole declarer of the meaning of my thoughts and actions, therefore I am not the effect of outside circumstances or opinions. Personal Responsibility starts with my willingness to accept this as my context for living and being.

Personal responsibility is distinct from the commonly accepted social assessment of responsibility as the burden of fault, praise, blame, credit, guilt or shame I confront in everyday life. These are social declarations of good/bad, right/wrong, and better/worse. They are social judgments of actions and the basis of establishing social accountability. These assessments are grounded in the concept of I, as a self, am a THING acting in the world, and not as myself being the CREATIVE CONTEXT of my personal life experience and actions.

True personal responsibility requires my willingness to deal with situations as they arise from the position that I am the source and cause of who I am, what I do, what I have, and how I feel. This is true regardless of whether or not I realize it in the moment. This perspective ultimately extends to include what I experience is done to me and to what another does to another.

Being willing to accept my part in creating how I experience my life allows me to allow others to realize they are likewise the source and cause of their own experience. This is the beginning of independence, the foundation of self dignity, and respect.

Ultimately, personal responsibility is my context as source and cause for how I live and experience my life. It is the declaration of “I am” as self. Personal responsibility expresses and requires the courage to be!

Copyright 2017 James Collister