The promise of the Relationship Learning Seminar series is to develop your ability to be the observer, speaker, and creator of your own experience of relationship so that you are empowered to deal with the circumstances and situations that occur in everyday life.

The tools presented in the seminar will form your foundation to create your own life as opposed to going with the flow and ultimately feeling victimized. We will not tell you what future is best for you, that is for you to decide. We will teach the technology of how to deal with specific situations so that you and the other party is empowered, not victimized.

Our promise in the Relationship Seminar is:

  • You will learn to observe and listen to your conversations about relationships
  • You will learn how to invert, design, and create empowering relationships in all aspects of life
  • You will learn how the 5 Universal Principles work together so you can enhance your good relationships and change or let go of the bad ones