Boise Idaho Relationship Seminar
  1. Would you LOVE to experience TRUST in your relationship?
  2. Would you LOVE to completely COMMUNICATE your thoughts, feelings and desires in your relationship freely and with mutual understanding?
  3. Would you LOVE to live in a relationship that is founded on DIGNIGY and RESPECT?
  4. Would you LOVE to experience complete two-way COMMITMENT in your relationships?
  5. Would you LOVE to have your relationship support you’re living PURPOSEFULLY?
  6. Would you LOVE to have you’re life express LOVE for yourself and others?

I have asked these questions to literally hundreds of people both men and women. I have never gotten a “NO” to anyone of these questions. I am positive you also answered “YES” to each of these questions. Yet when I get into deep discussions with individuals I find that many feel lost in one or more of their relationships because they do not experience any or all of these desires. Unfortunately rather than learning how to Invent, Design and Create these conditions in their daily life and relationships they have learned how to suffer in peace, living in quiet resignation wondering “is this all there is?”
There are people who live in abundance, joy, gratitude and aliveness. We have seen them, admired them and often been jealous of them. Their relationships are not just a “dream” or a “want.” It can be so for you too. Each and every one of us has the power to Vision and Live our dream life. You do not have to suffer, put up with or endure lack of intimacy.
A definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Living in Relationships that work for everyone involved means that we need to re-examine how we have been taught to relate. We need to Discover what works, How it works, and Begin to take new actions to make our relationships work for us and the other person. This is Learning on purpose and with intention. In Relationship we need to Learn to Learn Forever or we will continue to recreate what we have had Forever.
In THE RELATIONSHIP YOU WANT, WANTS YOU! Workshop, CD’s and supporting book, “The Last Relationship Book You’ll Need”, you will learn the simple tools of how to manifest the relationships of your dreams and much more. It is possible and it is up to you.
Teaching you how to achieve your dream relationship is my commitment and promise.
James Collister