Relationships are the very foundation of Human Life.

Everywhere we go, we find that we are always relating. Yet our learning of how to relate has been left to chance, copying others, and just plain luck. We learn relationship by hit and miss followed by wondering what it is that we are missing. In this historical way of relating, we hold relationship as a “thing” and we want to grasp IT!

We are constantly looking for IT and when we finally find IT, we hold on and don’t want IT to change. In this historical way of thinking, relationships are considered as objects to hold onto and that limits growth and self expression.

Relationships become a trap – a sometimes comfortable trap – but never the less, a constraint to our growth and experience of aliveness. We become fixated on this THING of life and realize something is missing. The emphasis is on the contents of relationship rather than realizing relationship is a context of life from which we experience and create our personal world.

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  • is the glue for all relationships. Without the competence to create trust, all the so called relationship skills in the world are worthless. Trust is the gift of consciousness.

  • is more than the exchange of words. It is the re-creation of another person’s experience. Speaking, listening, and interpretation are key components of relationships. Communication is the revealing of consciousness.

  • are the building block of all relationships – marriage, partnership, work, or any other kind of lasting relationship. Dignity and respect are the expression of consciousness.

  • is the action of consciousness. Every time we speak, we are expressing and bringing forth our commitment to commitment. You cannot avoid living as commitment.

  • is the basis of our experience. Humans are the kind of animals that are conscious of our consciousness. We are aware not only concerned of ourself, our life, and our experience, but also our impending death. Consciousness is our window to the world.

Become The Observer

Rather than a Thing to be held on to there is another way to experience Relationship. By becoming the Observer of ourselves in relationship to others and the world we can become the Inventor, Designer and Creator of our life. Rather than being the effect of others we can become the masters of this Dance of Life. We can create the Relationship we want and deserve – Playful, Working, Empowering and Blissful. This is the possibility we open at Relationship Learning Seminars. You will learn the tools to create the relationship of your dreams and how to continually live dancing to the ever changing music of life.

The Purpose

The purpose of Relationship Learning Seminars is to expand the individuals ability to invent, design and create relationships so that the problems and situations that arise in every day life can be resolved with dignity, respect and compassion. In my seminars you will learn a completely new model of what constitutes relationship including:

  • Tips for Relationships and living.
  • How to Invent, Design and Create Empowering Relationships
  • Detailed presentation on the Five Universal Principles: Trust, Dignity/Respect,
    Communication, Commitment and Self as Consciousness.
  • Interactive presentations with exercises.